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LETTER: The AP’s bias is showing

I am continually amazed at the press coverage President Joe Biden receives when compared to his predecessor, Donald Trump (“Infrastructure progress boosts Biden: President salves sting of rather rough week,” Jan. 15 Review-Journal). Actually, last week was the worst week for the Biden White House since their ignominious exit from Afghanistan.

Last week, Biden experienced senators in his own party blocking his attempt to subvert the rules of the Senate (so Democrats can force-feed their agenda through a 50-50 Senate), stopping for now his plan to weaken election security nationwide. Then the Supreme Court found his vaccination mandate on American businesses to be without legal authority, the COVID-19 infections he promised to shut down peaked again, inflation was at a 40-year high and a recent poll showed his job approval at a miserable 33 percent.

Truly a terrible, very bad week for Mr. Biden.

But The Associated Press managed to put a positive spin even on that disastrous week. President Trump could only dream of such sympathetic coverage.

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