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LETTER: The Biden disaster

I read with interest the front-page article in Thursday’s Review Journal about President Joe Biden’s low poll numbers. While clearly Americans — regardless of their political ideology — are frustrated with this presidency, it still concerns me that there are those willing to place their heads in the sand about the president’s responsibility for the disaster we are in.

The article features a local resident who is a staunch Democrat and goes on to say that Mr. Biden is doing everything he can to right the sinking ship but — because of Republican opposition — he cannot implement the policies that will fix everything. I can’t imagine the horror if Democrats had complete control and no opposition. More open borders, higher inflation due to more spending, more regulations and less gas and oil drilling resulting in even higher gas prices would be the inevitable result.

How can anyone reward the Democrats with their precious vote with the hope of having more of them in office making even more stupid decisions? The problems we have currently started on day one of Mr. Biden’s presidency thanks to the policies that he put in place. Time for change.

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