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LETTER: The Democrat circus is quite entertaining

As the “circus” of candidates travels the country looking for the Democratic nod for president, many questions linger. What won’t these people promise to get elected?

They’ve promised open borders, the elimination of immigration laws, free college, free health care, executive orders making sports teams pay women the same as men, billions for free and/or reduced home purchases and reparations for anyone of color who believes they were affected by traditions more than 150 years old. Oh, I forgot. They’ve also promised to cure cancer, to colonize Mars and to hug our enemies in the Middle East while these enemies enrich uranium and develop nuclear weapons.

In addition, with a magic wand they will eliminate hate and racism and the police will now carry bags of Snickers bars to soothe the criminal element.

And let’s not forget the total elimination of firearms so we can all live in peace and harmony (think a Toyota Prius with a “coexist” bumper sticker).

What have I missed?

I will vote for the person who stands there and tells the truth and lets the voters know what he or she would like to do with the help of Congress, while promising to always keep the people informed and speak the truth.

When that person emerges, please let us know because these “circus” performers still are honing their acts for the final performance.

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