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LETTER: The destruction of identity politics

I agree with your Sept. 2 editorial “Group identity.” The biggest problem we face is there are not enough real Americans. Most of us are now divided into groups in separate corners. We used to be united in support of our country and need to get back to that.

After the tumultuous Trump presidency, Joe Biden on the campaign trail promised us “unity.” Many people of all political persuasions voted for him based on that campaign promise alone. Unfortunately, this is one of several campaign promises that he has failed to keep. In fact, he has taken steps to further divide us. Just the opposite of what he pledged.

President Biden has continued to push through uber-liberal legislation without any compromise with conservatives. He has thus added trillions to the debt with less than half of our citizens agreeing.

Following Hillary Clinton’s lead in calling conservatives “deplorables,” Mr. Biden has referred to them, with an intentional negative connotation, as “MAGA Republicans.” Name calling will never unite us. Hold Mr. Biden’s feet to the fire. Insist on his plan to unite us.

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