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LETTER: The Federal Reserve, Donald Trump and globalism

Irene Leitch’s observation about the Federal Reserve was very succinct and insightful. (Nov. 16 letter to the editor). I believe if the rogue congressional act creating the Fed were to be challenged at the Supreme Court, it would be deemed unconstitutional. Any change to our Constitution must be enacted through our amendment process. This Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was the birth of the progressive movement, and the beginning of the end of our constitutional republic.

Ms. Leitch asks the question, “Do the banks own the country?” This cuts to the chase because it draws the line that divides our nation. We are in a battle between globalism and nationalism for control of America.

Globalists are international banks and corporations. They are a powerful adversary. These like-minded people are deeply entrenched in our government and our society. This group is extremely well-financed and donates lucratively to any politician, political party, organization or movement willing to advance its mission. Globalism is a power grab through the use of stealth, fraud and back-room deals.

Nationalists include President Donald Trump, the Republican Party, many religious groups, a growing conservative media and people who support our Constitution and our laws. This group believes in America first, protecting our sovereignty, pride in our nation, a citizen’s right to independence and freedom as defined by our Constitution, safety as provided by our laws and law enforcement agencies and a non-intrusive government that promotes capitalism that allows individuals and the private sector to manage the bulk of their own money.

Racism, irrational hate for our president, endless dubious investigations, etc., are all ruses meant to confuse and distract. Voters should focus on the true divide so they will be able to choose their side more wisely.

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