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LETTER: The government will save us from robo-calls

In another of our government’s efforts to make our lives just right, the FCC wants to screen our telephones. While no one enjoys the unwanted calls we all receive, it’s probably impossible for the FCC to sort out the calls which we might want from the majority that we would like to skip.

However, our cellphones are suited to the sorting task. Phone users need only see that welcome calls are in their contact list and let all others go to the message function. Valuable calls are easily and quickly identified and returned — all without government intervention.

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LETTER: You get the respect you deserve

Perhaps if Donald Trump himself didn’t refer to his opponents with juvenile nicknames, the media, academia, Hollywood and everyday Americans wouldn’t call him names either.

LETTER: ‘No confidence’ in Jesus Jara?

I read how numerous principals conducted a vote of “no confidence” for Clark County School District Superintendent Jesus Jara because he took away their deans

LETTER: Office of US president deserves respect

Regarding the June 12, letter “Big Orange”: I respect the writer’s right to dislike President Donald Trump and to have issues with his comments.