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LETTER: The mask debate rages on

In her May 23 letter “Masks on,” Janice Kyser calls people not wearing a mask “fools” and “morons.” As I see it, she is the one who should be staying home, not me. Nobody is telling her what to do and neither should she tell us what to do. If she feels unsafe outside, she should stay in.

It’s funny how all these people who support big government and the so-called medical experts who have been wrong all along keep forgetting that their friends in CDC and WHO said in the beginning of the pandemic that wearing masks had almost no effect on their safety. They just keep repeating false mantra that they hear on TV and from a lot of our elected officials, who enjoy the enormous power never given to them by Constitution.

We all deserve a choice. That’s only fair.

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LETTER: Nevada Legislature meets in special session

It is the responsibility of our legislators to shield our most vulnerable populations.