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LETTER: The Nevada economy is prospering

Updated May 23, 2019 - 12:44 am

I read in the Review-Journal last week how well Nevada is doing. The state added more than 2,800 jobs just in the month of April and is up 49,600 over the year. And if that is not enough good news, our unemployment rate in now 4 percent, the lowest rate in 13 years.

Thank Republicans for their great work over the past few years.

Unfortunately, this news might just be the last good news for a bit. Remember, a majority of Nevadans voted for Democrats and they now control our government. Just wait and see how they will ruin all of this in the coming years.

Remember all those Californians moving to Nevada? They left their state because it is a mess, and now they want to make Nevada the next California. Maybe it is time to move to Utah.

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