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LETTER: The Raiders flex their muscles with new stadium

So the Raiders want to keep their new sandbox to themselves (Jan. 18 Review-Journal). Is anyone, including the governor, delusional enough to think the Davis family and the NFL are going to treat UNLV like any more then hired help? The Raiders are sending a message: This is our playpen, and we set the rules.

UNLV needs to start looking for a spot for a stadium or gut and remodel Sam Boyd. If anyone thinks sharing a stadium with an NFL team will work, ask Minnesota. The divorce is coming, it’s just a matter of when.

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LETTER: Donald Trump, Russia canard is back in fashion

The best way for Russia to torpedo Mr. Trump would be to blow a few token kisses his way and let the geniuses in the CIA and at The New York Times get wind of it.

LETTER: Rich man, poor man

You have to love the Democratic presidential candidates.

LETTER: The endless presidential campaign

Our country spends too much time dealing with a presidential election every four years. It seems the campaigning never ends.

LETTER: Socialism makes an unfortunate comeback

One wonders if the progressive (read: socialist) candidates and their avid supporters are familiar with the history of such governments since the beginning of the 20th century?