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LETTER: The Review-Journal presidential poll

The lead story on the front page of Sunday’s Review-Journal was about the WPA Intelligence poll regarding the presidential race. Your first question is about the major motivation for voting in this election. First, you show an option, “Getting President Trump out of office.” Then you list a number of topics that might also be of interest. You should have offered an option “Keeping President Trump in office.”

There are many people who are motivated to remove Mr. Trump from office. There are also many people whose primary motivation is to keep Mr. Trump in office, regardless of the various other possible reasons. But you don’t ask that question. Then, it appears that the category of “other” is the largest category. When a survey has “other” as the largest category, it usually means the survey is flawed. I suspect that many of those who answered “other” meant that their primary motivation was to keep Mr. Trump in office.

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