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LETTER: The revolution might be coming

In his Tuesday letter, Ray Kolander let off some steam about Nike taking the Betsy Ross flag off of their next shoe product because they were aptly warned that it could turn off millions of customers, primarily those who recognize that flag as a symbol of slavery during that period in our history. In reality, Nike officials were not merely being politically correct – rather, they decided that they just wanted to sell a lot of shoes.

Mr. Kolander called it ridiculous that George Washington and Thomas Jefferson could be portrayed as villains for being slave owners. Actually, the facts are in on this. Slave owners — all of them — were worse than villains for importing and enslaving a minority who never wanted to be here in the first place. They did this after organizing themselves under the Betsy Ross flag.

As for “what is next,” it is easy to imagine if you extrapolate. Take Point A (the Betsy Ross flag era), draw a straight line to Point B ( today, when barely half of the country’s population is white and the other half are sick and tired of being reminded they are not) and continue the line to Point C. Point C is 20 to 30 years up the line when white people are a minority and our population is ultimately made up of fewer people who are stuck in the Civil War. The emerging majority of Americans is going to start reshaping this country once again.

Along the way, there may be a couple of revolts. The rainbow majority might lose its patience with the shrinking white minority hogging all the money and power. Or, maybe not. Last week, more than 200 white billionaires signed a document saying they should be taxed more. Guys such as Ted Turner and Bill Gates are using their insane fortunes to reverse the fortunes of the ultra-poor all over the planet. On Tuesday, a billionaire just entered the race for president because he is literally throw-up sick with the way we are heading.

Extrapolate. You will see what is next. Wait for it.

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