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LETTER: The systemic racism of keeping Clark County schools closed

I was a little skeptical of the concept of systemic racism at first. But now I see we are witnessing a perfect example with the Clark County School District’s plan.

One of the fundamentals of our country is equality —not of equality of outcome, but equality of opportunity. Early education is vital to a child’s chances for success. But the district is favoring privileged children by closing schools to in-person classes. White, middle-class children have the resources to manage distance learning or even to attend in-person private schools; I suspect a large number of the district’s students of color don’t have the same resources.

Studies have shown little hazard to children from the coronavirus. I understand the reluctance of teachers. But with protective measures and perhaps financial incentives, I think the schools could open in-person to all children.

Opening the schools will essentially save the lives of disadvantaged children. Isn’t that worth some risk?

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