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LETTER: The tragedy of the massive fatalities in North Las Vegas

It is with great sadness that I read: “9 dead in North Las Vegas after speeding muscle car runs red light” (Jan. 29 Review-Journal). As a physicist, I must admit that I routinely witness accident scenes in this city that puzzle me from a physics perspective, i.e. what physics must have transpired to create this tragic result.

To add to this, I have noticed a dramatic uptick in what I term the “zoom zoom” drivers who, despite the fact that we have had less traffic on the roads due to the pandemic and with many out of work, somehow have an irrational need to speed, drive aggressively and otherwise break traffic rules, creating mayhem and accidents (including fatalities). This merely zaps the energy and morale of our health care workers at a time when they are desperately needed to treat COVID patients and others with real health problems.

To lose nine lives so suddenly in one accident clearly indicates that speed, along with other disregard for traffic laws, were definite factors in this wholly preventable tragedy. I think we need to resurrect mandatory drivers education classes in high schools for teenagers who want to legally drive.

I hope that all of us reflect on this horrific incident, wear our seat belts, not text while driving, never drive intoxicated, exercise caution when crossing intersections and just slow down. Cemeteries can wait.

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