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LETTER: The Trump show trial

In his Sunday letter, Roy McGee says he won’t be voting for Donald Trump because he’s a “convicted felon.” Instead, he will vote a straight Democratic ticket. But it should be obvious even to the most oblivious person that the Trump trial was a Stalinist show trial in which Mr. Trump was disallowed from calling an expert witness from the Federal Election Commission. Mr. Trump’s witness, Robert Costello, was hushed constantly by the judge during his testimony.

Remember, Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi and Sir Thomas More — all innocent men — were also declared to be guilty.

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LETTER: Shame is powerful tool

At least half a dozen people should have resigned already over the recent Trump assassination attempt. Or they should have been fired in disgrace and dishonor.

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After reading Debra J. Saunders’ Friday column on Donald Trump’s convention speech, I had to laugh out loud.

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Heroic acts, but as for the idiot who surveyed the site and deemed the security adequate, you should be looking for a new job.