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LETTER: There are many different kinds of Trump critics

In his Wednesday letter to the editor, Brandon Taylor writes about the “two kinds” of Donald Trump critics. But there is at least one other kind: Those who gave the elected president a chance but cannot, with good conscience, support his lies and his administration rescinding many of the policies that were in place to ensure our overall safety.

If this president were doing a decent job, there would be no need to replace so many of his “very best people” because they resigned or he “fired” them after they stopped supporting him unconditionally.

This has nothing to do with the past. This is what is happening now.

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LETTER: Let’s make June 1 the day of unmasking

Now that everyone who wants to be vaccinated will be vaccinated by the end of this month, let’s call for a national unmasking day on June 1.


It’s a bird, it’s a plane …