LETTER: There really are racists and misogynists to fight

In response to the Sunday story by Review-Journal White House correspondent Debra Saunders, “Did march really hurt the cause?”

Ms. Saunders writes that “when activists embrace the ‘nasty’ label … they look nasty to people who don’t liberally toss out terms like racist or misogynist.” People are not “liberally” tossing around terms such as racist and misogynist. They are pointing out when those behaviors are happening.

It is not easy to hear that you’re acting in that way and to take a step back and realize that your own behaviors are part of the problem. But that is what needs to happen. The more we hold each other accountable for our racist and misogynist thoughts, the less likely they will continue to be an issue.

I would also like to know why the signs at the marches are considered “vulgar” and unsightly but we’re expected to laugh off so-called “locker room talk” by our new president and his supporters. It seems fairly hypocritical to me.

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