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LETTER: Those dastardly mosquitoes

It’s been my pleasure to have lived in the Las Vegas Valley for 50 years. In all that time, I cannot recall ever once having been bitten by a mosquito. Until now.

In the past month, I have shed my human identity and become a walking itch. I’ve found that DEET repels mosquitoes and just about everything else. Every day, I expect to come down with West Nile virus, yellow fever, malaria, dengue or encephalitis. I am told that a new species of mosquito native to Southeast Asia is the culprit, one that apparently loves heat, hates humidity and is prone to follow Southern Nevada Water Authority guidelines.

For my sake, and for the sake of hypochondriacs throughout Las Vegas, I would greatly appreciate it if you would publish more stories about this six-legged invasion and encourage the health district to adopt a war footing to eradicate (or at least mitigate) the harm caused by this villainous pest.

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The camera systems must be operated by the county and not a contractor. The cost of operating the traffic camera systems must not be dependent on the fines collected.

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LETTER: Red light cameras in Las Vegas?

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