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LETTER: Time to act on gun violence

Wayne Allyn Root is at it again. He accuses the Democrats of promoting violence after the horrific shootings (Sunday column). He ignores the fact that the self-proclaimed white nationalist shooter in El Paso posted his “manifesto,” using direct quotes from President Donald Trump to justify his actions of killing 22 people.

Mr. Root’s examples of violence by Democrats include a Democrat congressman who gave out the address of political donors and an unnamed national security expert on NBC who comments on Mr. Trump’s ordering flags to half-mast. He then goes to great lengths to describe the sick theme of the movie “The Hunt,” when that movie has been scrubbed, and for good cause.

Let me guess: Logic was not his major.

Mr. Root finally gets to the recitation of the decade’s old mantra from the NRA about a good guy with a gun. Well, in Dayton the shooter was surrounded by good guys with guns. He had only 32 seconds. But in those seconds, he was able to kill nine and injure many more.

If he and the El Paso shooter had not had assault weapons, some would be alive today.

It’s time to get off your soapbox and join the Americans who want to solve this problem instead of giving weak reasons for why we should do nothing.

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