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LETTER: Time to open Clark County’s schools

What is the average age of persons frequenting casinos and bars? These folks are the ones with the higher risk of COVID. The casinos are now getting quite crowded, especially the local ones.

What is the average age of a child in school? These persons have an almost non-existent risk of COVID. And the schools are empty.

If we seriously think about this, why are the children at home instead of the older folks? The children are more at risk of jeopardizing their essential education than of getting the virus.

No one speaks about the burden to parents who must work or those who work at home. Home-schooling is not an easy task. Working at home to provide for your family is essential in today’s “normal.” But while doing this, you have to supervise the children, make them lunch, etc. I guess this could be called “multi-tasking.”

I guess you could call what students are doing “virtual learning,” but what is it really? I think most teachers would agree that educating children is not an easy task and, yet, that is what their chosen job is. The teachers should be back in school.

Come on, folks. If older people can go out to enjoy themselves in bars and casinos, why can’t the children be back in school? Someone has to get their priorities in the right place.

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