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LETTER: Troubles at Las Vegas public radio station KNPR

I would not pretend to know the financial status of KNPR, but as a listener of public radio for close to 40 years, I do have an opinion about the overall abysmal history of volunteer contributions to NPR (“KNPR CEO steps down as station faces financial issues,” Saturday Review-Journal). In part, I believe that the woeful lack of funding by subscribers is the result of the station’s programming.

National Public Radio was built on shows such as “Prairie Home Companion,” “Click and Clack” and “Whad’Ya Know.” Now, in tune with the change in emphasis with NPR major programming, we are also treated to “Bulls Eye,” “Reveal,” “Live Wire” and like programs, which — again, in my opinion — more than not carry a similar message.

Just listen to weekend programming. Is the objective to inform, to entertain or to just brainwash? Instead of proselytizing under the guise of news or entertainment, I would suggest a more thoughtful and balanced range of shows. So what’s wrong with “Prairie Home Companion,” Marian McPartland, “Splendid Table” or “Thistle and Shamrock”? I can hear the sniggers already.

Again, as a listener and supporter of public radio, I want it to succeed. I appreciate local programs, such as “State of Nevada,” that are topical and skillfully presented.

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