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LETTER: Trump civil judgment a fraud

Donald Trump was ordered to pay a $355 million penalty in a civil fraud verdict. This in itself is a fraud.

Most if not all real estate developers needing to borrow money inflate their assets in hope of getting more money. Banks look at the assets and then reduce them to what they think the value is — then they loan money on their assessment. Hospitals and doctors inflate their bills to insurance companies to get more money after the insurance company reduces the bill to what they are willing to pay. Big Pharma inflates the cost of producing medicine to cover nonexistent overhead. This is normal cat-and-mouse business. Everyone does it.

So if the Trump case is not a political witch hunt, then take all the players to court. Fine them an exorbitant amount to put them out of business, then take over the business as a government-run entity. I am sure that will fix this dishonest asset and bill inflation fiasco.

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