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LETTER: Trump panders to Nevada hospitality workers

Donald Trump saying he would eliminate taxes on tip income is like George Bush Sr. saying, “Read my lips, no new taxes.” This is one of the lowest forms of pandering to garner votes. Anyone familiar with the IRS and how our government collects taxes knows that taxpayer tip income is off the table for any elimination or reduction. Nevada hospitality workers who earn tips knew right off that Mr. Trump is out of touch. In fact, Mr. Trump’s words rolled off his tongue as if to imply that Nevada tip earners will believe anything he says.

Politicians are known to exaggerate campaign pledges and mislead voters with false information to get support by any means necessary. Mr. Trump’s rally in Las Vegas was nothing short of a desperate presidential candidate saying whatever it takes to get a vote.

On a serious note, who votes for a felon for the highest office in the nation?

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