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LETTER: U-Haul won’t hire nicotine users

Updated January 23, 2020 - 9:13 pm

After reading your Monday syndicated article relating to U-Haul’s decision not to hire smokers, I was really confused by the comments made by Harald Schmidt, the medical ethics professor at the University of Pennsylvania. His comment that smoking is a behavior is ludicrous. Smoking is an addiction.

If half of the unemployed people smoke, as he states, where do they get the nearly $300 per month needed to supply a one-pack-a-day habit? It seems to me the $300 a month could be better spent using the tools available to break the habit, getting a job at U-Haul or anywhere else and not wasting taxpayer money.

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LETTER: Nevada should ditch the caucus system

We absolutely support your Wednesday editorial advocating for abandoning this chaotic and time-consuming caucuses as a means of awarding presidential delegates. Early voting for the Nevada caucuses was very confusing —- the ballot instructions were poor and volunteers were unsure how to handle questions about the process. They were, however, very dedicated to making sure the voter results were accurately recorded.