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LETTER: Vaccine mandate for Allegiant Stadium should be dropped

Only four teams in the NFL currently require proof of vaccination to enter their stadiums, and the Las Vegas Raiders is one of them. But why?

According to statistics, we have had 13.4 million visitors in the first six months of 2021, so you can see the town is crowded and busy. By personal experience of working inside a busy casino, I know that as soon as guests walk into a restaurant, they can immediately take their masks off without showing any proof of vaccination.

A nightclub on any given weekend has hundreds of partiers dancing, walking and in close proximity to each other without masks. Football games hold masses of people in an open-air environment with plenty of space to roam, while a compact nightclub squeezes everyone in like sardines.

So it doesn’t make sense that a vaccine is mandatory at our stadium. We should strive to get rid of that rule immediately so anyone can enjoy our new stadium.

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