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LETTER: Vegas to LA Amtrak line could work

I think Amtrak would have a lot of demand between Las Vegas and Los Angeles if it is done right. If there is a morning and afternoon train each way daily, it takes only slightly more than the average drive and goes into Union Station where you can connect with transit options, people will use it.

Amtrak is available all over the East Coast and Midwest with these options. New York City to Washington, D.C., is less than four hours on Amtrak — almost the same as driving — and for $30 each way when bought in advance. Detroit to Chicago is the same. Why can’t we have similar service here? Seats are comfortable, WiFi is on board and it’s less stressful than driving.

But irregular schedules, delays and a seven- or eight-hour train trip? No thanks.

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LETTER: The dismal US jobs report

It’s too soon to read doom and gloom into one report—which likely will be revised (upward/downward) in the future.