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LETTER: Virus could lead to a return of drive-in movies

Going to the movies as we currently do is toast. It will require you to purchase nine seats to create the “social distancing” bubble to keep yourself safe. Not reality. So how about a return to drive-in movie theaters?

Mom and dad and a couple of critters can all travel in the comfort and safety of the family car to go see a movie. The free snack bar app can be downloaded to your phone to order your food and drink, and a carhop delivers it to you while maintaining proper food hygiene and social distancing. You could even provide the tip right from the app.

The restroom facilities are monitored and cleaned, and the attendant ensures social distancing is maintained by guests. Hand sanitizer stations are available, of course.

Let’s bring back the drive-in movie.

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LETTER: Protesters and the right side of the law

Those destroyers you have all trained your cameras on have been told that the law is only for the personal use of those with guns and clubs and uniforms and political power.