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LETTER: Voter IDs and minority voters

Am I to believe that minorities in this country are unable to obtain identification? Are Democrats saying that minorities can’t figure out how to obtain a state ID that is free in many states? Maybe they’re saying that they are just not motivated enough to obtain one. Either way, it’s simply the bigotry of low expectation.

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LETTER: Biden spending binge will hit the middle class

You may be on board with all of his New Deal and free stuff, but if you think it will all be paid for by corporate taxes and “the rich” best think again.

LETTER: Asian hate crimes, Congress and higher education

Victor Joecks’ April 28 column claimed that opposition by Sens. Catherine Cortez Masto and Jacky Rosen to a Republican amendment to the Anti-Asian Hate Crimes Bill was tantamount to supporting discrimination in higher education.