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LETTER: We can’t stand by and let the mobs destroy our history

The silent majority has stayed silent long enough. If we do not stand together and put an end to this ridiculous scrubbing of America’s history — the good and the bad — we will find ourselves in a downward spiral that we will not recover from.

It’s time to do more than post our outrage on social media. It’s time to turn the tide on these angry mobs and, by sheer force of numbers, push them away from destroying our monuments and memorials. If you’re a parent or a grandparent, do you really want to deprive your child of classics such as “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,” “Little House on the Prairie” or countless others that don’t fit the radical left’s ideals? If you’re a moderate Democrat, or even a centrist, this behavior should alarm you. This is the type of thing Hitler did in the beginning and we’ve been blind to it.

Our colleges — the ones those of you with children pay handsomely to send your sons and daughters to — have become overrun with radical professors, and it didn’t happen overnight. I’s like a death by 1,000 paper cuts: You don’t notice that you’ve lost too much blood until it’s too late.

Forget for a moment your race, sex, sexual orientation or political affiliations and just think as an American. Is this the future you want for our country for your children? Our country was created by people who fled the oppression and tyranny of their own countries. Are we now, nearly 250 years later, going to allow that dream to die without a fight?

I am a proud American. I do not celebrate all of our country’s past actions, but, as with life, you learn and move forward. We will achieve nothing as a people if all we do is continue to look backward.

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