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LETTER: We need tougher DUI penalties in Clark County

There is not enough coverage of all the DUI deaths in the Las Vegas Valley. Do you know that in the past eight months 1,500 people were arrested on suspicion of DUI in the valley? Of those, more than 850 were released to go and do it again. Then, the driver involved in a high-profile DUI case wants his case dismissed.

Those are scary and alarming numbers and facts. What needs to happen? We need legislation to take DUI cases much more seriously, with stiffer punishments and penalties.

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LETTER: The Scott Gragson DUI case

After reading about the Scott Gragson DUI indictment, I can see that his attorneys must have gone to the Johnnie Cochran class on how to win every time.

LETTER: Trump steps in the same sinkhole

Isn’t there a pleasant (for Democrats) irony in President Donald Trump’s present difficulties?