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LETTER: We should all walk a mile in a teacher’s shoes

In a Tuesday letter, Bob Gomperz wrote that teachers protesting at school board meetings have “no leg to stand on” when they complain about unruly kids. I take exception to that.

I have five professional educators in my immediate family. They teach in five different states, both blue and red politically. I have heard it all. Please remember that teachers may have between 35 and 50 students in each class they teach. They may have those students for one hour each day, so the child may have contact with all teachers a total of five or six hours a day.

Yet parents have those children in their control up to 16 hours per day. So who has the most time to “teach” the children? Home is where children learn how to respect their elders, listen to their teachers and ask questions. If there are problems, it should be worked out with the parents and child.

Teacher face so much disrespect from students and parents saying their children are never wrong. Too many parents refuse to take time to be with their children and discipline them when needed. Teaching is a difficult job but very fulfilling, especially if parents work with teachers instead of disparaging them. Together we can build a better future generation. Parents need to work teachers to the benefit of your children and our nation.

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