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LETTER: We’re losing the battle against the coronavirus

Where are all those people who protested to open their cities and states because they felt their rights are being violated? So they opened the bars, gyms, dining facilities, etc., and none of them wore masks or did social distancing. Look at where we are now: almost back to square one with the virus.

The president wants to have one of his great rallies and no masks are required and the governors in the states where the rallies are going to be held are giving the OK to do this. Tell me how is this going to stop the spread of the virus?

This is hurting the people with underlying conditions and forcing them to stay in their homes to avoid the virus. Here in Nevada, when the state opened up to resume normal activity, they came to visit the casinos without masks, and we’ve seen the results.

Let’s get real about the virus and listen to the medical people telling us what to do instead of the country’s leader with all his wishful thinking that the virus will go away on its own. Where is the so called “wartime president”? I think he did a retreat and waved the white flag in defeat.

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