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LETTER: What is it Democrats have against Donald Trump?

I wish someone would tell me what Donald Trump is doing wrong in his role as president.

Are you paying more federal income taxes as a result of his tax reform? Are you not pleased with the trade agreements he has completed with foreign countries? Do you think he has neglected to keep our military capable of defending our precious liberties? Do you think his approach to terrorism is weak?

Do you think his policy to deal with people who enter the United States illegally is too harsh? Do you feel that having a successful businessman, rather than a career politician, as president is detrimental to growing the economy? Do you believe that steps he has taken to eliminate unreasonable and expensive government rules and regulations are going to affect what you expect government to provide to you?

And, lastly, is it that you do not like an elected official who actually does what he promised to do if elected?

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LETTER: The endless presidential campaign

Our country spends too much time dealing with a presidential election every four years. It seems the campaigning never ends.

LETTER: Socialism makes an unfortunate comeback

One wonders if the progressive (read: socialist) candidates and their avid supporters are familiar with the history of such governments since the beginning of the 20th century?

LETTER: Nevada should ditch the caucus system

We absolutely support your Wednesday editorial advocating for abandoning this chaotic and time-consuming caucuses as a means of awarding presidential delegates. Early voting for the Nevada caucuses was very confusing —- the ballot instructions were poor and volunteers were unsure how to handle questions about the process. They were, however, very dedicated to making sure the voter results were accurately recorded.