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LETTER: What’s going on with the Henderson Police Department?

Briana Erickson’s coverage of the Henderson Police Department culture reveals some very concerning practices that abuse taxpayer dollars and compromise public safety – by the very agency that is expected to protect those who subsidize their salaries (Sunday Review-Journal).

How is it that two officers involved in questionable activities were basically granted an 18-month vacation totaling $385,000 thanks to taxpayers? In how many other sectors would this be permitted? Furthermore, concealing the actions of bad players, protecting them and then having to pay out settlements resulting from lawsuits further erodes the public’s confidence and trust. It also diminishes any assurance that their tax dollars are being spent wisely.

This department needs to get their house in order. Moreover, taxpaying voters should be paying attention to stories exposing corruption among the public sector and our politicians. Our strength lies in our vote.

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