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LETTER: What’s wrong with Making America Great Again?

I get the biggest laugh whenever Joe Biden, or his minions, refers to members of the “other” party as “MAGA Republicans.” The tone implies it’s something as nasty as a genital wart. MAGA stands for Make America Great Again, so I fail to see why everyone in both parties doesn’t support MAGA. As long as the Left is name-calling, I propose those on the right start referring to the Left as DEAD Democrats, standing for Destroying Every American’s Dream.

The past two years of this administration have been the most destructive I’ve ever witnessed. Perhaps someone should inform the Biden folks what MAGA stands for so they can start embracing it.

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LETTER: The Beltway debt drams

There is an old axiom about Washington: Nothing happens until it has to.

LETTER: The GOP and the national debt

The debt was about $10 trillion after Bush the younger. Mr. Obama doubled it to $20 trillion.

LETTER: FBI tramples FISA laws

No, these are intentional felony violations of the FISA laws. Felony prosecutions are warranted.

LETTER: Durham report turns up nothing

FBI agents and officials are human beings. If there is any benefit to this report, it is in identifying procedures that may need tweaking.