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LETTER: When the Clark County School District dumbs down standards …

Let me see if I understand the new educational standards proposal for students in the Clark County School District (Monday Review-Journal editorial). No homework would be included in the final grade, so why would students bother to do it (and actually learn the material)? They would get a 50 percent score on tests or other work that they don’t attempt or even turn in (no zeros allowed), to be averaged in with their grades on tests they actually complete. They would also be given the opportunity to take tests over until they get the grade they want.

My high-schooler could skip the first test, take the second one until a score of 70 percent is reached, repeat this behavior and end up with a “D” as a final grade. This strategy in all classes would result in a high school diploma from our school district.

The minimum wage in Nevada will be $9.75 on July 1 ($1,690 per month) and increase to $12 by July 1, 2024 ($2,080 per month). Sounds good, but that income will not put a dent in reducing poverty. Wouldn’t it make more sense for Clark County School District officials to focus on real education that will help our community instead of trying to increase the graduation rate so they look good?

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