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LETTER: Why don’t independent voters form their own party?

In reply to Cartier Conley’s Saturday letter, I respectfully disagree that he is shut out of the process of selecting a candidate because of his independent voter status. As an independent, he can vote in an Independent Party primary.

Mr. Conley correctly notes that there are more registered independent voters than there are either registered Republicans or Democrats. If they organized, and had state conventions or caucuses like the other parties, they could also field a slate for the general election.

I would love to see the independents put up a slate of candidates and argue their ideas. If those ideas are good, take them national and take the majority in the House and Senate. Then one of the current major parties will likely fade away and the Independent Party will become one of the major parties.

I can’t vote in organizations to which I don’t belong. Nor do I want to. Ranked-choice will not improve ideas, it will only allow some second-choice candidates in. The better choice is to field your slate against the slate offered by the Democrats and Republicans.

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