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LETTER: Writer is right about Trump’s VP choice

In his Sunday letter, Juan Fernandez writes that Donald Trump should pick Marco Rubio as his running mate. I will double-down on that statement.

In 2016 in the GOP primary, the Florida winner-take-all primary was the decider in the Trump-Rubio battle for the nomination. While Sen. Rubio was a popular Florida senator, Mr. Trump’s recent move to Florida, as well as his many industrial connections there, held the day. Sen. Rubio dropped out of the race shorty thereafter. Had Sen. Rubio won in Florida, he was poised to run the table in the heavily Hispanic Southwest.

As an example, one-third of the New Mexico vote (all absentee) had been cast before Sen. Rubio announced he was dropping out. When that vote was announced just after the polls closed there, Sen. Rubio had a big lead over Mr. Trump.

Also, Sen. Rubio has had the best immigration plan I have heard. This would go over big with Hispanic voters.

If Mr. Trump wants the presidency, Sen. Rubio should be his first choice for vice president.

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