Letter writer made fun of two serious issues facing the nation

Shame on the Review-Journal for publishing Dale Wysocki’s letter (“Bad boy”) on Monday. Mr. Wysocki makes light of not one, but two serious problems facing our country.

Each and every single sexual assault accusation should be investigated fully, whether the assault happened 36 years ago — as in Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s case — or 36 minutes ago. If the accused has nothing to hide, the investigation will reflect that. Accusers have everything to lose.

But worse, Mr. Wysocki makes light of childhood bullying. Victims of bullying often carry these feelings with them throughout their lives and, unfortunately, many choose to end their own lives, bringing more sorrow to their friends and families. Some even choose to end other’s lives, too, like Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold did at Columbine High School.

By publishing his letter, the RJ became an enabler. Shame, shame, shame.

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