Letter writer peddling tired old doomsday scenarios

It never ceases to amaze me how lemmings on the left still buy the lie about overpopulation.

In the July 14 Review-Journal, letter writer Jason G. Brent states that civilization will collapse before the year 2100. He cites the Global Footprint Network, which says humanity is in “overshoot” and presently uses the resources of 1.7 planets. He says no scientific organization disputes that fact. Why not 1.5 planets or 1.8 planets? What does 0.7 of a planet even mean? These numbers are meaningless and bogus.

Mr. Brent also says that the only way to get out of “overshoot” and prevent the destruction of civilization is to reduce the human population through abortion and birth control. A thinking person could easily recognize how going down this road could progress to include infanticide (of the less desirables), euthanasia (of the unproductive), forced sterilization (as in China) and any other life-ending scenarios that a government deems necessary.

Mr. Brent’s statements remind me of my university days in the ’70s when I was being indoctrinated by the pervasive belief that the world was doomed unless we stopped our evil procreating. Paul Ehrlich was the foremost “authoritative” guru peddling those lies at the time. He was predictably proven to be a fraud time after time, as his “end of civilization” dates had to be extended out.

Fast forward to the late 20th-century doomsday prognosticators. Al Gore comes to mind with his wild predictions of doom and gloom. His absolutely ridiculous predictions of Earth’s expiration dates that once again had to keep being moved forward served to expose him for who he is, just another huckster.

God is the only one who can say, “It is finished.” At that time, whenever that is, he will bring all things to a culmination.

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