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LETTERS: Balancing the budget requires raising taxes

Regarding the editorial on the federal deficit, I have no problem with what is there, but I do have a problem with what was not there (“Balancing act,” Monday Review-Journal). The editorial provided several reasons for the ballooning deficit at the end of the George W. Bush era and the start of Barack Obama’s presidency. But it failed to mention the role of massive tax cuts.

Large tax cuts have rarely if ever produced enough jobs to offset the loss of tax revenue. Even the Republican head of the Congressional Budget Office has stated that. Also, funding for the war on terror was not in the budget and was funded out of deficit spending. These were two major factors in the growing deficit.

As the editorial mentioned, a balanced budget was achieved under President Bill Clinton, who worked with Congress. The first thing the Republicans did when George W. Bush became president was enact a major tax cut.

Another factor not mentioned was the current growing economy that has helped lower the budget deficit. More people will be paying taxes, and the subsidies for government programs will shrink. Both will help further reduce the deficit.

I would love to see a balanced budget. But part of the solution has to be a tax increase. Find an increase that would produce a surplus. As the deficit goes down and the amount paid out on interest lowers, then, and only then, can tax cuts be made. Funding for natural disasters would have to be included in the budget, and expenses for war would have to be paid for, so as not to cause more deficit spending.

Can it be done? If there is no desire to raise taxes to balance the budget, the answer is no.

Robert Gregorich


Obama humor

I would like to extend my sincere congratulations to Steve Kelley for on his editorial cartoon President Barack Obama, terrorism and climate change (Wednesday Review-Journal). Mr. Kelley got the issue dead-on perfect.

Why our commander in chief refuses to call a spade a spade, as the old saying goes, and call Islamic terrorists what they are is beyond me. I’m sure many of my fellow citizens feel the same way. My thanks to the Review-Journal editorial staff and publisher for running the cartoon.

Jack Corrick

Boulder City

Missing Kalas

I have now read three letters to the editor regarding bringing back Steven Kalas’ column, and I am adding my voice to this message. I have a folder with many of his columns, which I’ve saved for future referral. His articles gave me great comfort during difficult times, and many times I’ve passed his articles on to someone I love.

I predict the Review-Journal’s readership will go down as we baby boomers find less and less in your paper to read. The R-J is aware that no one under 40 actually reads a newspaper, right? I need less information about million-dollar homes and more information I can actually relate to.

Susan McCall

Las Vegas

Calling for Kalas

My wife and I are upset that the Review-Journal has seen fit to discontinue Steven Kalas’ finely written and incisive “Human Matters” column. Mr. Kalas has always written with insight and fair-mindedness on issues that are topical and important in all of our lives.

We enjoy his columns so much that we had started an informal discussion group around them. Mr. Kalas’ column is also one of the primary reasons we have subscribed to the Review-Journal. This decision leaves a sour taste in our mouths.

John Hammel

North Las Vegas

Gun crimes

I’m sick of hearing the gun control crowd yelling that we need more or stricter laws against owning guns, when the answer is so simple: Anyone convicted of possessing a gun while committing a crime automatically gets 20 years in federal prison. No shooting is necessary to receive the 20-year sentence; just possessing a gun while committing a crime qualifies.

I don’t believe any sane person would oppose this law. I would add that such a law should have no option for parole, but I know the same crowd that wants more gun control laws also likes to empty prisons because of unjust imprisonment.

Art Cesare

Las Vegas

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