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LETTERS: Banning backpacks on Strip a misguided, feel-good effort

The desire to eliminate backpacks on the Strip is just another useless, feel-good, look-at-how-we’re-trying-to-be-safe effort (“Police seek bans for big Strip events,” March 16 Review-Journal). It’s not unlike the elimination of glass bottles, as if so many people were being beaten to death with broken beer bottles.

If someone really wanted to bring something dangerous onto the Strip, what could they put in a backpack that they couldn’t just as easily put in a big shopping bag from one of the many malls there?

Do the people making these decisions actually get down to the Strip, walk around and see just how generally safe it is? The Strip probably has more security cameras (both public and private) per block than any other destination city in America.

Ted Newkirk

Las Vegas

Denying Donald

The new voting procedure utilized by the Republican Party in Utah should be able to prevent Donald Trump from accumulating the necessary delegates to become the party’s presidential nominee. The procedure allows online voting, in-person voting, or absentee voting where another caucus voter can hand-carry the vote to the polling place.

The online votes are administered by Smartmatic, a Florida-based company which has developed its Internet voting technology in the small country of Estonia.

As Mark Twain once observed, “If voting made a difference, they wouldn’t let us do it.” The GOP, probably with the backing of Democrats, appears to be taking whatever steps it can to ensure the establishment remains in place. An outsider such as Mr. Trump, whom the party can’t control, has to be stopped one way or the other.

E.C. Forbes

Las Vegas

Trump protesters

With news of all the protesters trying to disrupt Donald Trump’s rallies, it’s apparent that these people are against free speech, one of the most important rights we have. The protesters should be prosecuted for trampling on Mr. Trump’s civil rights.

The protesters are also arguing against equality when they say, “Black lives matter.” They are against orderly conduct, encouraging people to disobey our laws. They are against rights to hold our own beliefs, to bear arms and to pursue happiness.

They seem to lean toward socialism, which has never been successful. Only established bureaucrats and politicians on the public dole enjoy socialism.

If these protesters steal the great America that we have enjoyed, individuals would be nothing more than a number. You will be taken care of from birth to the grave, with government telling you where to live, where to work and more. Good luck with that. Let the government take over all businesses, since it does so well with our VA hospitals, postal service, education and the crazy IRS.

As the saying goes: “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” Mr. Trump is the only outsider left, and everyone is attacking him except we, the people.

JoAnn Wymore

Las Vegas

Trump and terrorism

Donald Trump is right. If the latest attack in Brussels does not prove he’s right, I don’t know what it’s going to take to wake people up. If you think Hillary Clinton will keep us safe, I’d like to know what color the sky is in your world. All Mrs. Clinton does is talk a good game.

Mr. Trump is the only one strong enough and with enough courage to do something about terrorist attacks. Keeping certain groups of people from entering this country will make all of us much safer.

Gary DeWitt Sr.

Las Vegas

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