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LETTERS: BLM’s wild horse program should ride off into sunset

The Bureau of Land Management roundup of wild horses in Cold Creek is quite horrific (“BLM horse roundup has fast start out of gate,” Sept. 1 Review-Journal). The roundup reveals adequate evidence to fire a few administrators and mandate a total change in the federal mission dealing with wild horses and burros.

The picture with the Review-Journal article is a visual representation of the problem. The horse shown is emaciated. If a private owner had a horse in such condition, he or she would be cited for animal abuse.

The article reports that the Cold Creek Range had about 470 adult wild horses in an area designated for no more than 66. The horses are all on the verge of starvation, and very few foals have survived. This is some serious mismanagement.

The massacre at Cold Creek is just the tip of a national problem. The federal government is now spending more than $75 million a year on wild horses and burros. The animals are allowed to overpopulate. They are then moved to expensive BLM ranches, where they are retired to a life of leisure and good fodder.

The wild horse/burro program in the United States may be one of the most nonsensical in a bureaucracy that seems to specialize in nonsense. Horses and burros are treated like endangered species. They overgraze the natural range for deer, elk and sheep. They are allowed to chew away at traditional grazing areas utilized for market beef.

Horses and burros are domesticated animals; they were brought here. They were, and are, released by irresponsible owners. They are like stray cats, feral and devastating to the flora and fauna of our natural environment.

I indict BLM administrators, but the big problem is the wrongheaded mission. The goal should not be to allow unfettered population growth, erosion of natural resources and the expense of maintaining feral animals.

The mission should be the deletion of the wild horse/burro program. This need not occur all at once, but it can certainly happen through attrition. Fix the males and, by natural causes, let the herds go away. As those herds diminish, we can downsize and ultimately eliminate a $75 million federal bureaucracy.

Evan Blythin

Blue Diamond

Planned Parenthood videos

What is the big deal about videos in which the sale of fetal organs was discussed? The pro-life movement loves showing videos of late-term abortions to people it hopes will join their movement, but it doesn’t tell these people that there are very few late-term abortions, and they are done for very dire conditions, such as saving the life of the mother. Or for conditions such as spina bifida, where if the fetus lived, it would never walk or have normal brain function.

Late-term abortion fetal organs are scarce, which is why researchers are willing to pay for them. Pro-life peole do not want any fetal research that will benefit people, because it would only give more legitimacy to abortion than the procedure already has.

There are so many ignorant men in the pro-life movement who know nothing about pregnancy, but are all too willing to tell women what they can do with their bodies. And then there are the Republican presidential candidates who would rather let a woman die than have an abortion.

Conservatives are especially concerned with the contents of other women’s uteruses, yet they are among the first to complain about how much the government spends on free school lunches for hungry children. They refer to these people as “takers.” And they are unwilling to curtail gun sales, even slightly, so that children in schools and theaters will not be killed. Now that is what’s really disgusting.

Nadia Romeo

Las Vegas

Obama and Iran

Well, there you have it. President Barack Obama, our esteemed commander in chief, the most feckless, naive, inexperienced and duplicitous chief of state this nation has ever known, has finally topped himself with the Iran nuclear deal.

Never mind doubling the national debt, the unparalleled expansion of unconstitutional federal powers at the expense of individual rights and a world tour of craven apologies for a country that has sacrificed untold lives and trillions of dollars to uphold the politically incorrect doctrine of democracy. This president has now made a deal with the most evil, dishonest and anti-American regime on the planet.

Iran backs ISIS, which has a perverted interpretation of religion that espouses murder, rape and repression. And Iran not only openly hates the United States, but desires the total destruction of Israel, our only true ally in the Middle East.

President Obama is not the only one responsible for this travesty of a treaty. Gutless politicians, most of whom know better, and a naive and deluded electorate are equally culpable. We’ll all live to regret it.

George Evashwick

Bullhead City, Ariz.

Dynamic Dion

Celine Dion sets a great example for our youth. Here is a performer at the height of her career, and she takes time off to care for her ailing husband (“Celine Dion makes admirable return to stage,” Aug. 29 Review-Journal). She valued greatly the hours and special moments she wanted to share with him.

This is an example of true love. God bless Celine Dion and her husband. May she have many more years to sing here in Las Vegas.

Thresia Tish Pierce

Las Vegas

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