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LETTERS: Gay marriage ruling pinches free practice of religion

In Jim Graham’s letter on the gay marriage ruling, he asked, “€œWhat effect does this ruling have on you? If you believe that marriage between a man and a woman was established by God, no earthly court can alter your belief. You are free to believe whatever you want.€ (“Marriage ruling won’t harm Christians,” July 10 Review-Journal). He went on to write, “This ruling does not, in any way, define marriage.”€

Mr. Graham apparently missed the news of how the gay lobby is moving its agenda forward, proposing laws that are exactly the opposite of what Mr. Graham claimed. A Washington Examiner report stated that, fresh off the Supreme Court ruling, more than two dozen Democrats proposed a House bill that would eliminate the words “€œhusband”€ and “€œwife”€ from federal law. The bill, introduced by Rep. Lois Capps, D-Calif., would introduce new “gender-neutral” terms such as “€œspouse”€ or “€œmarried couple.”€

Mr. Graham added, “€œWhen religion clashes with law, however, folks try to codify their religious beliefs and force those beliefs on others.”€ The opposite is true. Mr. Graham must have also missed the story about the New York City Catholic priest who chanced upon people participating in a gay pride parade after the Supreme Court ruling. Two of these tolerant, loving and kind people spat on the priest —€” to show their love and understanding of his religious beliefs.

President Barack Obama urged supporters of same-sex marriage to “help” people overcome their religious convictions, so they are no longer held back from a progressive American view of equality. Many LGBT and liberal Democrats say that we have freedom of religion. The truth is that if people of faith are not willing to “€œovercome”€ their religious beliefs, the liberal Democrats and the LGBT community want Christians relegated to the closet to practice their faith. I have always been a live-and-let-live kind of person. I just wish it was a two-way street.



Basin and Range

As a science teacher, I am excited about the designation of Basin and Range as a national monument (“Nevada gains new monument,” July 10 Review-Journal). Basin and Range National Monument is a perfect example of Nevada’€™s ancient and recent history, and will now be kept intact for future generations.

Connecting children with nature contributes to their physical, social and emotional development, and it helps students better understand the world around them. Learning is made so much more meaningful when students can interact with the science of their surrounding natural environments and when they can explore the places where ancient peoples lived their lives. Students are more motivated about learning when exposed to these natural wonders.

Protecting our nation’s wild places is important for the future of our youth. President Barack Obama should take further action by designating Gold Butte a national monument.



Nevada wildlife refuge

The article on the Nevada Wildlife Refuge noted, “… the proposal’s backers say it will save the military the time and expense of having to reapply for an extension every couple of decades just to keep using the land the way it has been used since World War II.” (“Refuge divide draws fire,” July 8 Review-Journal). Just because the land has been used that way since 1940 doesn’t mean, in the future, that kind of usage will be continued. Periodic reviews of land management should be kept as they are. Sneaky back-door deals are never for the greater good.



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