LETTERS: Get over it, Rep. Hardy — Iran deal is done

Rep. Cresent Hardy argues in his commentary that we should listen to our ally Israel and reject the deal hammered out with Iran concerning their cessation of developing nuclear arms (“Simply put, if Iran and Hamas win, US ally Israel loses,” Monday Review-Journal). Rep. Hardy states that Israel is qualified to make the judgment because, geographically, it sits quite close to Iran.

Since when do we allow another country to decide what is best for us and for the world regarding nuclear arms proliferation? The Obama administration has brought forth this deal, in company with most of the world’s countries. The agreement has been ratified by the United Nations and there are not sufficient votes in the Senate to block it. Many former Republican administration officials who know something about this subject have also supported the agreement.

For a change, just this once, instead of politicizing every step made by the current president, Rep. Hardy should get behind President Barack Obama in his diplomatic and military decisions. Has Rep. Hardy ever heard the phrase, “Politics stops at the water’s edge”? The Iran deal is a done deal. Get over it.

Richard L. Strickland

North Las Vegas

Crime and mentally ill

The Clark County public defender’s office filed dozens of motions to dismiss charges ranging from battery to murder against offenders with mental problems (“Timely treatment of mentally ill inmates sought through court,” Sept. 7 Review-Journal). The office wants the charges dismissed because, in its thinking, the state of Nevada is moving too slowly to provide psychiatric care for these offenders.

Has the public defender’s office asked the victims of these crimes if it is a good idea to put these violent individuals back on the street, to possibly go after their accusers and commit more crimes? These violent offenders were pulled off the streets once, and now the public defender’s office wants to put them back out into society because the system is moving too slowly? Get real.

Bob Goldstein

Las Vegas

ACLU splitting hairs

The American Civil Liberties Union of Nevada is against the Education Savings Accounts law, stating it violates the Nevada Constitution by providing funds for religious purposes. This is despite the fact that the money is going directly to the parents, to use as they see fit for education.

Using the same reasoning, religious hospitals such as St. Rose shouldn’t be able to received Medicare payments. No one should get welfare, because perhaps a recipient would drop a dollar in the collection box at church, or pay for cable TV and watch a station dedicated to religion, or pay for gas to travel to church.

Let’s go further. It might even pay for the electricity to power the TV to watch a religious program.

Stuart Alper

Las Vegas

Stifling Christianity

Kim Davis refused to issue same-sex marriage licenses because of her religious Christian objections, not simply what Steve Danning would have you believe (“Refusal of service,” Sept. 14 Review-Journal letters). The Rowan County, Ky., clerk was jailed for contempt of court, even though a compromise was offered but denied by a judge.

The Washington, D.C., police chief refused to issue concealed weapons permits, even though an injunction was issued stopping her from denying permits. The chief did not go to jail. In California, county sheriffs have been illegally denying concealed weapons permits, even though the 9th Circuit ruled the sheriffs were violating the law. None went to jail.

The mayor of San Francisco ordered clerks to issue same-sex marriage licenses in 2004, in violation of the law at that time. The mayor didn’t go to jail. San Francisco’s current mayor violated federal law by upholding San Francisco as a sanctuary city, and didn’t go to jail; rather, a woman lost her life.

In 2012, a lesbian judge in Texas refused to perform marriages for heterosexual couples until same-sex marriage was legalized. She didn’t go to jail. But an Oregon judge announced he would not perform same-sex marriages because of his Christian beliefs, and he was immediately put under an ethics investigation.

So why was Kim Davis jailed? Because her refusal was based upon a Christian belief. She was singled out and excessively punished compared with other public officials, in order to remove Christianity from the U.S. public domain. The intent is to remove religion from our society and relegate Christians to worshiping in hiding, and the lethal judicial branch supports these efforts. How else can a Christian baker be fined $135,000 for not baking a wedding cake for a same-sex marriage when multiple bakeries were available? The intent was to stifle Christianity.

Wayne Colla

Boulder City

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