LETTERS: House GOP does al-Qaida’s bidding

To the editor:

House Republicans have accomplished what al-Qaida and the Taliban could not after the 9/11 attack: They have shut America down.

Now we know that our enemies have successfully recruited members of Congress to do their dirty work. We have al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula, al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb and, we discover, al-Qaida in the American Congress.



We deserve better

To the editor:

So our government decides to shut down. Representatives and senators will, of course, draw their full salary, as will the president. So who will suffer from this? The poor blue-collar men and women who, in today’s economy, seem to live paycheck to paycheck.

Is this how our elected officials represent us? Is this the voice of the people? I think not. So while our elected officials argue back and forth, they hold hostage untold numbers of hard-working, middle-class Americans. This is not what this great country is about. The people deserve better.



Wolves, meet lamb

To the editor:

Our nation’s founders fashioned a government that protected minority rights and specifically avoided tyrannical rule by majority. Their intent was that the federal government, while governing the United States, would be on a leash of limited and divided power.

Maybe our constitutional defenders in Washington — specifically President Barack Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev. — should have read the Constitution, so that they would know how our government is supposed to work. Sen. Reid’s refusal to discuss House continuing resolutions, and President Obama’s intransigence regarding negotiating with House Republicans, is what our founders feared and why they split up power.

It brings to mind the old adage about two wolves and a lamb deciding what to have for lunch. Except this time, the lamb owns the checkbook.

Robert Kessler

Las Vegas

Fear of Obamacare

To the editor:

There’s something about the Obamacare debate that’s so obvious and so under-discussed that I feel almost silly bringing it up. But here goes:

If, as the GOP insists, Obamacare is the worst thing that could happen to a country (worse than a Nazi takeover, according to Sen. Ted Cruz), then why on Earth are they trying to delay or derail it? Why isn’t every GOP strategist in the country urging Republicans to do everything in their power to ensure that this program is implemented post haste?

Then, once the devastating effects of Obamacare come to fruition, obvious for all to see, the GOP should have no trouble taking over the U.S. Senate in 2014 and sweeping into the White House in 2016. With majorities in the House and Senate, and control of the White House, the GOP would then have the political means to repeal this dreaded pox on the United States.

What am I missing here? Why would the GOP be fighting tooth and nail a program that would devastate the Democrats and be a Godsend for Republicans for years to come?

Is it possible they’re fighting Obamacare because, once Americans actually see the program in effect, they might actually like it?

Rob Powers

Las Vegas


To the editor:

It is impossible to reason with the unreasonable. Congressional Republicans are emphatically proving that point this week by forcing a government shutdown with extortionate demands.

On Aug. 21, the Syrian government launched its chemical gas attack against rebel positions and killed hundreds in the process. The United States threatened a military response. Within the past five weeks, the United States and Russia negotiated a deal wherein Syria admitted it had illegal chemical weapons, signed the international treaty prohibiting such weapons and agreed to a U.N-sponsored and administered plan to locate the weapon stocks and destroy them in a short time frame.

The U.S. was able to negotiate this deal with the Russians and Syrians, both adversaries of the U.S., by engaging in direct talks and working out this crisis like responsible adults.

The irony is that it is far easier to negotiate with the Russians than it is with the Republicans. The Russians recognized what was at stake in their own short- and long-term interests in the region and acted accordingly.

The Iranians are also interested in negotiations to end the stalemate because international sanctions are severely hurting Iran’s economy.

Congressional Republicans and their Tea Party sympathizers are myopic, narcissistic and nihilistic. The government shutdown will last awhile because you cannot reason with the unreasonable. Like a petulant child, they should be sent to stand in the corner until they learn their lessons the hard way.



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