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LETTERS: Lower the rate but get rid of loopholes

Lawrence Kudlow’s April 11 commentary, “A war on tax inversions and the middle class,” was very misleading.

Since CBS, Mattel and Prudential paid no corporate income tax in 2014, does that mean they are not corporations? I am all for lowering the tax rate, but let’s get rid of the tax breaks at the same time.

Many corporations take advantage of various tax breaks to avoid paying taxes while at the same time making billions in profits. Get rid of all of the tax breaks corporations receive, lower the tax rate and it is quite possible that we will see fewer corporations move overseas. We might also see corporations that did move overseas move back — and more income generated through corporate taxes.

Don’t whine about a high tax rate few corporations are actually paying.

Ed Williams

North Las Vegas

No rush

There are many pressing problems in our country right now: terrorism, illegal immigration, the rise in violent crime, to name a few. So is there any immediate need to hold confirmation hearings for U.S Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland? Will it really have any effect on our daily lives?

The only one it would benefit is President Obama, along with his ego and self-proclaimed legacy.

Robert Goldstein

Las Vegas

Strong legacy

How has President Obama fared the past seven years in office against what can be described only as a bunch of despotic Republican politicians intent on undermining his and the country’s progress every step of the way?

President Obama has done surprisingly well, actually.

There is the Iran nuclear arms pact to be thankful for. Then there’s the president’s improved relations with Cuba. There has also been a lack of scandal and corruption during Mr. Obama’s time in office. How about the Affordable Care Act, which gives needed health care to millions of Americans? And are you better off today than you were eight years ago under the yoke of the Republican-owned Great Recession?

Yes, I will miss his courage, honesty, integrity and calm and cool demeanor. But wait. President Obama has 10 more months in the White House. What else might he accomplish?

Ron Lowe

Nevada City, Calif.

Fool me once …

Ever Since Donald Trump announced his candidacy for president, he’s told us he has the best brain, he hires the best people and makes the best deals. When asked about his political donations to both parties, he basically said it’s all part of the system and he knows how to take advantage of it. When asked about his bankruptcies, he says they’re not his personally, that — again — he knows how to use the system.

Yet somehow, while seeking the highest office in the world, Mr. Trump never bothered to find out all the state and U.S. territory delegate rules. Despite all his brains and smart advisers, he’s crying foul.

My question: Is Trump the fool or are his supporters fools for believing his rhetoric? Maybe Jonathan Gruber of ObamaCare fame was right when he said, “American voters are stupid.”

David Jaronik


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