LETTERS: Obama, Reid throw childish tantrum

To the editor:

I remember some years ago watching a very spoiled child rolling on the ground, kicking his feet and arms while screaming, “I want what I want, and you have to give it to me.” I can only imagine that the same scenario took place in the younger years of both President Barack Obama and Sen. Harry Reid.

I’ve watched and listened to these two men tell the people of the United States of America that they will never negotiate with the House of Representatives and that Republicans must give them everything that they want first. Then they will consider negotiating. Excuse me, but after they get everything that they want, what’s left to negotiate?

I guess members of the House of Representatives should just continue to negotiate with themselves. Maybe the unions should try following the president’s tactics. Then we would never have to go through a strike again. Wow, what a great idea. No more arguing, just give in.



Tea party patriots

To the editor:

Republicans have been much maligned lately, and many of their alleged transgressions are attributed to tea party folks in the House of Representatives. First a disclaimer: I’m registered as an independent, but I may be a tea partier because I did go down to Searchlight a few years back, with my own political sign, when we were trying to get rid of Sen. Harry Reid.

The tea party doesn’t deserve all the abuse it has been getting. Those tea party representatives were elected by promising to push for reduced taxes and to restore fiscal sanity to our government. They have the courage to ask that we start changing Medicare and Social Security, because those programs are creating impossible costs to cover. The Democrats want to increase the debt limit so that Medicare and Social Security can stay the same, and the United States can keep adding to its debt.

Certainly most of those in Congress know we cannot sustain these programs in their current state (Sen. Reid excepted) and that spending must be reduced. But most politicians seem to consider discussion of changes in Medicare and Social Security as an untouchable third rail. My wife and I get Medicare and Social Security benefits, and we’re prepared to accept reductions because we know these programs must be changed. It’s time to stop maligning the tea party folks. They may be true patriots.



New cockfighting law

To the editor:

I saw a news conference a few days ago on TV, with Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto, Clark County District Attorney Steven B. Wolfson, state Sen. Mark Manendo and the Humane Society all standing together against cockfighting while touting the new state law making the activity a felony. Cockfighting is a barbaric event in which roosters are bred to be aggressive, drugs are often forced upon them to enhance the aggression, razor-sharp curved ice picks are strapped to their legs, and they are thrown in to fight until one is shredded or dies. To some, this is entertainment, but to the civilized world, it’s unnecessary animal cruelty.

Some people even bring their children to these events. This desensitizes kids to brutality toward animals and later on toward people. Gambling, drugs, guns and often times gangs are involved with cockfighting.

Thanks to Sen. Manendo for getting this law passed. Now, it’s up to the community to report any suspicion of cockfighting in our neighborhoods. Our law enforcement and animal control cannot do this alone. Please make the call if you hear roosters or suspect this kind of activity. We can help stop this blood sport and prevent cruelty with your help. The Humane Society offers a $5,000 reward for the arrest and conviction of a dogfighter or cockfighter. Together we can clean up our community and save animals’ lives.



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