LETTERS: R-J staff should stop whining about new owner

Adelson and the R-J

To the entire Review-Journal staff, and specifically columnist John L. Smith: Please stop whining about Sheldon Adelson’s purchase of the Review-Journal. It’s really getting old.

Did any of you consider the “innocent until proven guilty” aspect of this purchase? Or are all of you so used to the liberal media’s immune existence that Mr. Adelson’s purchase has turned your thought processes upside down?

Yes, Mr. Adelson is rich beyond belief and conservative, both deadly in liberal culture. But don’t forget the golden rule: Those with the gold make the rules.

Let the man own his newspaper, and don’t cry until he’s found guilty of interfering. If you can’t handle your boss, take your shiny journalism degree down the road to a city and culture you can tolerate and that will worship your outstanding intelligence.

Dan Zelna

Las Vegas

Solar rates

The Nevada Public Utilities Commission approved new net-metering rates for rooftop solar panel owners (“PUC OKs new solar rates,” Dec. 23 Review-Journal). The PUC’s ruling is terrible, punishing those who bought solar panels to reduce their electric bills and to help the environment by using a clean energy source.

The ruling may be an advantage to NV Energy, but the many citizens who have purchased solar panels will now be paying higher fees and getting 80 percent less money back for excess energy produced by their solar panels.

I strongly disagree with this ruling. The net-metering rate should have remained where it was.

Seth McNabb


Gun control solution

I don’t understand the confusion interpreting the Second Amendment or why the National Rifle Association and our elected officials find it so difficult to correct the gun problem. It appears most mass shootings involve the use of assault weapons. Let the manufacturers of these weapons continue to do their business, and let the properly licensed gun shops and dealers continue to sell these weapons to qualified purchasers. They have a business to run, and they have a right to earn a living.

Here’s my gun control solution: Weapons purchased should be delivered directly to a controlled pickup location, such as the police armory. This location would house specially trained law enforcement officers who could further review the persons purchasing the weapons and, if necessary, delay delivery until further investigations are conducted.

The downside is that buyers might have to wait longer before they would get their guns. But what’s the rush anyway? The upside is we just might save a life, or hundreds of lives. Better safe than sorry.

Furthermore, what does it cost the taxpayer to have several SWAT teams, hundreds of Metro and state police, National Guard members and countless medical personnel dispatched to contain just one incident, as happened in San Bernardino, Calif.?

Unless we do something to control distribution of assault weapons, we will never keep these idiots off the street. Keeping weapons from law-abiding citizens only makes us better targets for those who don’t obey the law.

William Golas

Las Vegas

Gun law criticism

Marian Green’s article on gun control really caught my attention (“Sandoval, Arizona governor rebuke Brown’s gun law criticism,” Dec. 7 Review-Journal). I was in Palm Springs, Calif., when the San Bernardino massacre took place. It was shocking to me then and now that we know some of the weapons used in the attack were purchased by a straw buyer.

California Gov. Jerry Brown’s comments should be taken in context. I do not believe he was referring to terrorists coming into Nevada undetected. He was saying that the California Legislature does not want weapons of war in their state and that Nevada and Arizona become attractive as a source of terrorist weapons to be brought into California.

Rather than rebuke Gov. Brown, it is high time for Gov. Brian Sandoval to do something about gun control in Nevada.

Morton Friedlander

Las Vegas

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