LETTERS: Reid knows how to play role of Lucy

To the editor:

I have heard media reports of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., insulting the intelligence of both the Democratic and Republican parties. Sen. Reid is demanding the Republican-controlled House pass a clean continuing resolution, on the promise that he will negotiate spending and health care issues at a later date.

Just like Lucy in the “Peanuts” comic strip, Sen. Reid is promising yet again not to pull away the football when the Republicans run to kick it. If Sen. Reid and President Barack Obama won’t negotiate now, why would any reasonable person expect them to negotiate fairly in the future?

The Democrats and the president continue to promise to negotiate spending levels, but instead always play brinkmanship. Even as Republicans pass bills funding specific government functions, the Democrats refuse to hold votes so they can instead use the media attention to bash Republicans (for example, funding the National Institutes of Health). Sen. Reid says he doesn’t want to pass legislation piecemeal, but he’s been doing it for five years because the Senate hasn’t passed a budget in that time frame.

I sincerely hope the Republicans maintain their efforts to modify the Affordable Care Act so that all members of Congress and their staffs are subject to it. If that’s the only rider they attach to a funding bill and Sen. Reid refuses to have a vote or the Democrats defeat it, we’ll know we have an elitist party controlling the Senate and that it’s most definitely time for a change.



Harry Reid’s shutdown

To the editor:

Sen. Harry Reid continues to insult his constituency by shutting down his phone and email as part of the government shutdown. Apparently, the opinion of Nevada voters is of no concern to him. He continues with his vile and insulting rhetoric about why the nation still has not seen any effort by the Democrats to compromise and move the nation forward.

Why this fight? Obamacare, a law predicated on lies. The destruction of the best health care system in the world for the majority to provide heath insurance plans to 6 percent of the nation. Six percent who could walk into any emergency room in the nation and not be denied health care. It would have been cheaper and less destructive to just have taxpayers pay for them.

This law has been constructed to give the government control over our health care, without any recourse. Of the 20 million people supposedly denied health care, how many of them are among the 12.1 million people illegally in this country? That’s a question that has not been asked nor answered. Even if it were answered, Sen. Reid would just tell another lie and issue another insult.



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