LETTERS: Rooftop solar owners shouldn’t have to pay extra

NV Energy would have you believe that supplying a rooftop solar customer with electrical power is far different than supplying electrical power to a nonsolar customer (“PUC OKs new solar rates,” Dec. 23 Review-Journal). Nothing could not be further from the truth. The only difference between the two customers is the meter installed on the side of the house.

Rooftop solar is a benefit to all, NV Energy included. Rooftop solar reduces the load on the switchgear, transformers, distribution grids and power transmission lines during peak demand for power — on hot, sunny days — which extends the service life of all the field equipment and improves reliability.

NV Energy would have you believe that net metering at the current rate is taking money out of its pocket and imposes additional costs to those who don’t have rooftop solar. The only difference is in the accounting.

I do not believe rooftop solar owners should have to pay extra for power, just because we wanted to be proactive with regard to global warming and controlling our energy bills.

Al Rosentrater

Las Vegas

Teachers contract

Regarding Steven G. Hayes Sr.’s letter (“Teachers contract,” Dec. 24 Review-Journal), he complains about new teachers having their starting pay increased to $40,000, up from the previous $34,600. He also notes the 2.25 percent raise that kicks in four months after the contract goes into effect, and he goes on and on about greedy teachers.

The reality is that teachers have not had a raise in eight years. The so-called Clark County Education Association (the teachers union) has done nothing but go along with the Clark County School District. Every year, CCSD schools are short 1,000 teachers or more. Substitutes are not the solution to this problem.

Also never mentioned are the conditions many teachers have to work under in less-affluent schools, or the challenges for instructors who work with special needs students. As the father of a teacher who has has toiled in these schools for 18 years, I know what is really going on.

Walter Goldstein


Vandalism overreaction

I’m glad to see so much interest in catching the culprit in the mosque incident, in which bacon was wrapped around door handles. The perpetrators of this vile act must be caught and severely punished. Sure, it’s just bacon this time. But what if it escalates to pork sausage? And then on to pork chops or ham? There is just no telling how far this thing could go.

James Moldenhauer

North Las Vegas

New political party

It is time for a new political party that truly represents the will of moderate and conservative Americans. The Republican Party, as currently constituted, has failed miserably in its role as an opponent to the Democratic Party and its socialist and Marxist leanings.

The passing of the new spending bill, which fully funded nearly all the programs that Democrats supported, was the straw that broke the camel’s back. This negated the will of tens of millions of American voters who ushered in a record number of Republicans to the House in the 2014 election, with hopes of stopping the rapid growth of the federal government. Alas, it did no good.

Professional politicians did what professional politicans always do once they reach Washington: Go along to get along, even though getting along was not what a majority of the citizens of this country wanted to happen. The Republican response to the Democratic power grab turned out to be weak and ineffective, much to the displeasure of those who sent them to the capital.

A new party, perhaps called the Constitutional Union Party, should be formed, made up of those millions of Americans who believe in the Constitution as it was originally written, who believe in the capitalist economic system and who believe that a country is made up of borders and shares a common language and culture.

This action must be taken soon if America is to remain a country that the majority of us love and respect.

Harry Long


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